West Inter Lake District Regional Water System

The WILD System being presented, was developed with major funding from the Governments of Alberta and Canada. It will supply treated water to the urban municipal Members, the hamlets and rural development in portions of the two Counties and the Paul, Alexis Nakota Sioux and Alexander First Nations. The WILD System capacity would meet the estimated 25-year peak day requirements of the Members based on an allowance of 300 litres per person per day (lcpd) combined with an estimated 3% average annual growth in the Town, Villages and the Hamlet of Entwistle. The Summer Villages and the remaining hamlets are assumed at a 1% average annual increase in population. The system would provide an allowance of 300 lcpd for the First Nations with an average annual growth rate of 2% for Alexis and Paul and 3% for Alexander. Per capita use of 120 lcpd is projected in the rural areas of the Counties with an average estimated growth rate of 1% annually. At Parkland County’s request, the Commission will provide a larger allocation for the Entwistle Branch to meet the expected additional growth in Entwistle and the Highway 16 corridor area.

Treated water is purchased from the Capital Region Parkland Water Services Commission (Parkland Commission) at Stony Plain. The Parkland System will be expanded to enable the Parkland Commission to meet the needs of the WILD System. From the Water Transfer Station at Stony Plain, the WILD System will transmit (by pipeline) through a network of mains and branches to the Members. Bulk water truck fill stations would be developed at major points along the WILD System Main and at the ends of the Branches. The Members would continue to be responsible for the development of treated water supply and water distribution systems within their respective jurisdictions.